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Hello and welcome to

Strictly Rock And Roll.

This site specializes in  four-step rock and roll and swing dancing. When we started rock and rolling, myself in '94 and Ann in '01, we both searched and searched for videos to learn from, but they were very rare and just about impossible to find. Now that we are teaching, I have been for 7 years, we are continually asked by our pupils, "do you have any videos", or, "where can we buy videos so that we can practice at home" and we had to tell them the sad facts. So we decided to make our own series. First off we filmed a series of six instructional films on four-step Rock and Roll and they are available as a video or a DVD. They range from a Basic film that teaches footwork and the all important first ten moves, to the Advanced 3, which teaches advanced moves and we show you how to put the moves together in a routine at the end of each tape. We then had a break of just over a year from filming and last October ('04), we started planning and scripting a new series on Swing. Because Swing has been classified into so many names and styles over the years (East Coast, West Coast, Hollywood and so on), we decided to keep it as just Strictly Swing We booked the studio and started filming at the beginning of February ('05). All filming, editing and mastering was completed on 6th May and the Swing DVDs are now selling fast. At the moment we are just starting to wind down from all the hard work of filming and editing and are getting back to just plain enjoying our dancing again. 

If you wish to contact us please do so. We are always happy to talk rock and roll with anyone at any time. Please explore the site and we hope that you enjoy and like what you find. We are always interested in your feedback.




If you prefer the phone please try the following numbers:-

Ann:- Mob 0407595241

David:- Mob 0404074826




Strictly Rock And Roll

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